Playing Catch-Up

I have so much to catch up on! Hmm...is it ok to post backwards time wise?? Ryan and I got back from the lake today and I am soo glad to be home. We weren't even gone that long and it IS nice to be away sometimes but being the homebody I am, I simply love being at home :> I've been catching up on blogs and also munching. . .I'm feeling snacky! We had a good time with Ryan's family but sadly my hubs got sick and spent a whole day of our trip in bed :( I felt so bad for him because he had really been looking forward to this weekend. He is better now and I'm hoping I don't catch whatever bug he had. The exciting news: I skied this weekend! On my first trip to the lake, I attempted to ski about 5 times and then gave up. It was work and the skis kept coming off-those things are heavy and hard to maneuver! But this time, I guess something just clicked after I watched several of the guys. I got out there and stood up on my first try!! I actually stayed up for a long time and it was so much fun! You're just gliding over the water taking it all in...oh yeah, and trying to make sure you don't fall. The boat would go turn to the right or left, and that was more challenging but I was SO proud that I learned something new :-)

I managed to eat pretty well when I was there...oatmeal/fruit for breakfast and sandwiches/fruit for lunch. Dinner was spaghetti and an awesome salad one night and fajitas the next, but I wasn't very hungry. I had some bites of dessert today that were absolutely FAB. A gluten-free chocolate "thing" that tasted like heaven...it was made with ghiradelli chocolate and tasted like not-quite-done brownies. oh.my.gosh. And then some sopapilla cheescake that I've had before and was super delish...crescent rolls, cinnamon, cream cheese...I could have gone to town on both of these!

---One sad note- Ryan's mom broke her arm today!! :( The boys were fishing off the dock and she was walking on wet grass get a chair to watch them and slipped. It was awful and last I heard she was headed to another doc to make sure surgery wasn't necessary :/ I hope she doesn't!

I don't know if it was Ryan being sick all day Saturday or me just being lazy, but I didn't take any pictures :/ Well, we did take one on the drive down but that was it. I don't know if I'm ready to face the work week tomorrow.!

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