Where did June go!?

I'm still here! I've been caught up in wedding madness :> and my BFF and her fiance tied the knot yesterday! It was sooo fabulous and I will post pictures soon. I can't belive she's married now and I really can't believe that JULY is almost here. Crazy!

And it is hot. hot. HOT outside here in Texas.

Who loves Chipotle?!

Today for lunch I had a salad from this great establishment that contained: lettuce (duh!), pinto beans, mild chunky salsa, corn, and a whole LOTTA guacamole! It was sooo good and filled my hungry self up.

My Monday night plans: "The Bachelorette" :-), posting pics on FB, and getting some much needed sleep. Yay for a short week~Ryan and I are heading to his grandparents lake house this weekend!

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