Too Long Tuesday

Um, this an old post. From...last week? week before? But here it is anyways! :>

Gosh. Today was the longest. day. ever.! I thought it would never end. It's usually like this at the end of the month. I like staying busy though - most of the time ;> When I got home I just wanted to veg but I decided to get my butt up and clean up the kitchen and cook Ryan some dinner.

What did I make? Green beans, pesto chicken pasta, a good salad, and...you'll have to wait and see ;> The green beans were canned, and for the pasta I just cooked some whole wheat linguine and threw some chicken on Mr. Foreman. When both were done, I combined the two with a can of seasoned diced tomatoes and some pesto. Yummers for sure.! My salad had carrot rounds, green pepper, tomatoes, onions, and cheese.

Ok, dun da da da dun!!! DESSERT: wasssss raw blueberry and strawberry cobbler! So good ya'll! I used- of course- my raw dessert cook book and threw in strawberries as a nice addition to Ani's recipe. Sooo pretty and very 4th of July-ish I think.

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