Dinner and a Movie

Last night was GMR girls dinner & a movie night.! I was tired after work but was looking forward to seeing Julie & Julia! We first went to a mexican restaraunt near the harbor and B and I split chicken quesadillas that were just kind-of ok. I didn't like their salsa either- too spicy for me.! The movie was good. A bit long and slow at times but overall I enjoyed it. Meryl Streep did a FABulous job as always and Amy Adams is a doll. It did inspire me to both cook + blog!

Is it a good thing to be ready for the weekend by Tuesday afternoon? It's a bit slow right now and I could be doing so many other things! Cooking, walking, writing, cleaning. One day hopefully. And being a mom. I can't wait! I feel like this year can't wind up fast enough, but I'm trying to be patient and enjoy it as it comes.

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