Yuck. I hate being female sometimes. Ya know!?!?

It's been a lonnng day. And now I'm watching King of Queens while I blog. Love that show.! It relaxes me and makes me laugh. This is how today's show started:

In the kitchen...

Arthur: "Scratch right above my left buttocks."

Doug: "Uh...2 things. First, you didn't say please. And second, I'd rather die."

ah, ha ha ha ha ha.

I have got 2 busy, BUSY weekends ahead. My BFF Lindy is getting married on June 28th! This Friday I am helping throw her a lingerie shower/bachelorette party that I am still trying to pull everything together for. It's gonna be F.U.N. though- can't wait. Saturday we have L & L's wedding and then my family is moving on Sunday. Yikes- that'll take a while. Then the next weekend, I have Lindy's rehearsal/dinner Saturday night and then the WEDDING OF THE YEAR :) on Sunday. This is my first wedding to be in and I'm super excited, especially because it's Lindy. We've been best friends since we were 13 and 14. She and Matt are so great together.

In between wedding-ness, I've managed to take some food pics.

I got in a baking mood and decided to take some yumminess up to work on Friday. I made Tina's chocolate chip oatmeal bars (couldn't find the recipe to link to!) which I've made before and these which I've made TONS of times. Both were great! Although the oatmeal-raisin bar variety is by far the best :>

This was a little breakfast of honey flake cereal over "milk" which consisted of: almond breeze, banana, and pineapple!

I LOVED this dinner! It took a little bit, but included Middle East Herbed Cous-Cous, Sauteed zucchini+green pepper+tofu, all mixed together and topped with chopped roma tomato and FETA cheese! Super yummers and almost VEGAN. ;>

Tomorrow's Hump Day. Bloggers rejoice !

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