Girls Night In

This weekend has been good. Ryan and went out and ate at Cheddar's Friday night where I got one of my favorite non-healthy dishes there: The chicken caesar pasta salad. Basically a huge plate of romaine lettuce drenched in caesar dressing, with tender seasoned chicken, crunchy croutons, and spriral pasta on top. So yum! I hardly ate any of it though after snacking through some chips and queso with Ryan. I also had to eat the honey drizzled croissant that came with my meal- the best part! So I took home the rest and ate it for lunch- post workout and grocery shopping- on Saturday. I didn't feel soo great after that though... I don't think my stomach is used to that much dressing :/ I'm a fork dipper for sure when it comes to that! Friday night we went to Target and looked at curtain possibilites for our house. I want to check Bed, Bath, and Beyond though first before I buy anything.

Saturday I got a lot done and so did Ryan. Since our bathroom is now painted a lovely shade of gold, it was time to hang the towel rods we've had for oh, over 2 years now! He hung a long rod, a toiler paper holder, and a circle rod for a small towel. They are all kind-of bronzy and look great in there. Good job hubs! I also worked out, grocery shopped, and cleaned the house. Ryan then left for the Nascar race with his parents (I'm not a fan :>) so it was time for a little me time. This = pizza, ice cream, and a movie! I had Ryan buy "He's just not that into you" off PPV for me and was so excited to watch it. I enjoyed it and laughed at several parts. I didn't like that Bradley Cooper left his wife and had an affair though...

My movie eats started with a homemade pizza on a mini flat-out wrap. Ryan ate the last of our cheese...no shredded OR sliced left! :( So I used: marinara sauce mixed with a little pesto, FETA cheese, onions, and turkey pepperoni.

I liked this pizza but it wasn't great. I think I'm used to more non-feta cheese, to give it more taste, and maybe more meat? More thoughts on that soon. . . But after I gobbled that up, I needed dessert. Enter- vitalicious chocolate brownie and Weight Watchers cookies 'n' cream ice cream. YUM! Except I've def had better brownies. I like the vitalicious muffin tops better than the brownies I think. Maybe if they added choc. chips to give them a little...something.

After that bowl, I may have gone back for a litle more ice cream with a dip of peanut butter :-) Hey, it's girls night!! So yes, it was great to relax and just watch a movie for 2 hours. I don't ever do that anymore!
It's back to the grind tomorrow. Another day, another dollar right? I am so grateful to have a job though and am blessed to work in such a wonderful environment. I'll leave you with a quote from Steve Swofford:
"Variety may be the spice of life but monotony brings home the bacon." :>

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