Bluuuue Moon

Ok, I couldn't think of a great post title, and my new blog design is BLUE! Plus I've been reminiscing with Kari about our Y2K New Year's party where we played charades and someone was acting out that song. . .it may or may not have been Kari :) I got to see some wonderful highschool friends this weekend! Heather, Kari, Jennifer, and Julie. I was so excited to see them all at Heather's baby shower...she is having a little girl soon- Avery Grace! I know she is going to be such a cutie and Heather looks great!She got some really great stuff and it was so fun to catch up on each other's lives and remember fun highschool times. I am so grateful that I know these women!
Heather's shower was one of 2 bright spots in my weekend; the rest of it was crazy! A nonbrief re-cap:

When Ryan got home Friday night we discovered that someone (him) had tracked TAR onto the carpet. Ehh, it was not pretty. So after "googling" different solutions, I called Dalworth and they are coming out Monday after work to clean our carpets and work on the tar. Ryan actually got quite a bit of it up with some Shout cleaner...I guess it worked out well because we've never had the carpet cleaned and we've been here over 2 years! So it's time.

Saturday after the shower, the weather turned gross and more gross. Dark skies, rain, thunder...well, miss Bethany and I had planned to run a 5-K on Sunday morning that we've been training 6 mont...uh weeks for :> Bethany was feeling sick but we did go carb load at Olive Garden. We wanted to eat more fettuchini and drink less water than we ever had in our entire lives (Office) but instead we had lasagna, pizza, salad, and breadsticks. So yum!

So this morning I got up at 5, got ready to go, and stopped and got gas on the way. It was still stormy a bit, with lightning, but I figured I'd head out there and if the lightning stopped, we would race away! Well THANK THE LORD Bethany was up at the time I left (although not feeling good) and checked her e-mail to see that the race had been cancelled. What!? Ahhh! Blast. I turned around and came home. I would have checked my own e-mail but as I've stated before, I have a both retarded and temperamental computer. So I couldn't.

After sleeping a litle bit more, but not much, I got up and Ryan got ready to go to church. I was still out of it from the whole morning and decided to make a grocery list and head to the gym first, and store second. But no. It was not to be. One more catastrophe was needed. Our friends from Roto Rooter, who have come out not once, but twice since we've lived here, had to make a 3rd visit. Both toilets were clogged! arhhhh. Was I not supposed to work out today!? Steve came and made it all better though. And THEN I left for my errands.

The gym was great and I ran/walked 2.2 miles with some faster intervals. I then did a quick weights session of 15 reps x back, chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

I've pretty much been glued to the couch since then and am enjoying relaxing. I'm going to try to be a better blogger...but maybe just a couple times a week. I DO want stalkerHeather to know what's going on in my life. :-)

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