5-K Fun

It's been forever since I ran a 5-K (well, besides our unofficial work pre-Christmas race :) so I decided to sign up for one sponsored in part by FCA--Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It was held Saturday morning and I think we finally took off around 8:00. It was a lot of fun! I had only run about 1.5 miles that week before but had been running about 3 times week for the 6 weeks before that. The weather was good and my goal was to finish it without walking. The first half was uphill a bit which was challenging but man, coming back downhill was sooo nice. I finished in 31:23 which I was happy with. Now I want to sign up for some more and improve my time! I ran into a girl I knew from my Cooper internship named Kristen so that was fun to catch up with her. I also won a door prize! They were giving out tons of prizes after the race and I won a gift card for a manicure and also some Redken moisturizing shampoo and conditioner! Yay!! I had actually been thinking about getting a manicure and hello--that moisurizing stuff is making my hair so much softer. We also got to snack on oranges, bananas, breakfast burritos, and BLUE BELL ICE CREAM BARS post race...FCA knows how to do it right!This week is humming along...I did decide not to have my wisdom teeth out just yet. The one is feeling much better since I got the anti-biotic so I'm going to wait and see what happens. I would like to get on Ryan's insurance next year, but if they start to hurt again before that, out they come.

Tonight we're watching the Biggest Loser finale---it's incredible to see these people and the changes they've made! WOW! I also want to give props to my own mom who has lost 15 lbs on Weight Watchers :) Way to go mom!!!!!

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