April Showers...bring sickness!

So this month has been busy. Ryan and have already been blessed to see two of our good friends get married on April 4th- Brian and Amanda! We got to attend their rehearsal dinner and hear all the wonderful things their family and friends had to say to them. The wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for them! We have 2 more weddings coming up...my cousin Daniel and his fiance Jess are tying the knot in May and Lizzie and Lane are gettin hitched in June :> Ah, spring...the birds, the flowers, the LOVE!

And speaking of birds, they've been annoying me. I've been sick this week (more on that in a min) and have been waking up at 3 in the morning to hear chirpy little birds outside my window chatting away! IT'S 3 AM BIRDS! Go to sleep!! Soo annoying when you're laying in bed, debating on whether or not to take benadryl and risk a drowsy, drugged morning.

Ryan had been sick a few days and on Sunday I started to get a tiny sore throat. The throat thing only lasted that day but on Monday I was not feeling good. It drug on through the week and I did go to work but kept leaving early. Finally I decided yesterday (Thurs) to visit the doctor. After the nurse did a throat culture (jabbed a cotton swab down my throat before I knew what was happening) the dr. came in and said it came back positive for strep, I was contagious for 24 hrs, and handed me a prescription for a 10 day anti-biotic. Perfect! :(

So here I am at home. I watched a lot of tv yesterday and did a little picking up. Hmmm...more of the same today? Actually thought I might go to shutterfly and order some wedding pics- hey it's only been 2 years! ha.

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