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When I started this blog, I'm not sure what I wanted it to be. I still don't think I know :) I had just discovered the world of food blogging and was amazed at what I found. There were other people out there who liked to come up with healthy, sometimes crazy concotions. There were other people who devoted a lot of time to thinking of what their next meal might be or how they could take a recipe and "healthify" it. Ahh! It was bliss as I began regularly readings blogs like Kath's and Tina's. I found Jenna's blog and soon couldn't go a day without reading the hilariously entertaining antics of Sarah's luvin household and eats. It amazed me that people would take the time to photograph what they ate and post it for others to see, along with insights into their daily life. I loved it! I thought, I could do that...

I tried for a little while, posting pics of a colorful fruit salad or a steaming bowl of oatmeal I'd made that week, but just couldn't keep it up. I found out how hard it is to work 40 hours a week and still try to maintain a blog. :/ I do like to blog though and whenever I do it, I think, why don't I just sit down and do that more often? No, I don't want to take the time to photograph everything I eat but I don't mind snapping a pic every now and then of a baking adventure. I do like to write and have dreams/goals? of writing more professionally. But the only way to do that is to start...writing.!

My degree is in Exercise Sports Management and although my current job is completely unrelated to my education, I still love both talking to people and reading about health, fitness, and nutrition. It's a huge passion of mine and one that I never get tired of learning about. I've thought many times about going back to school to be an R.D. but for one reason or another, haven't. I feel like I'm where I am supposed to be at this time in my life but also feel a constant pull to pursue what I love- through writing, reading, educating others. My first "real job" after college was as a personal trainer at the gym I currently work out at. I was there for about 6 months when I realized that as much as I loved working out, motivating others to exercise day in and day out was not my calling. As I've held different jobs since then, I have become so much more interested in nutrition and healthy eating. I love talking to people about how to eat and the benefits that come from a healthy, vibrant, variety filled diet.

So I'm going to try to start writing/blogging more. If I want to write later, I need to write now. I need to start putting my thoughts down and doing what I want to do- helping others eat well and live well.

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