i. want. SUGAR!

Ok, this is really sucky. I'm on day 9 of the diet from you know where and really struggling. I definitely find that afternoons are one of the hardest times for me, as far as wanting something sweet. Even fruit! I did make a big batch of quinoa for the first time this past weekend and have eaten it with a few times, for a new source of carbs. But man, I am missing my normal go-to foods. Cheese quesadilla=sheer bliss. Or my dear agave nectar I had grown to love. Oatmeal just insn't the same made with oats...unsweetened almond breeze...cinnamon...vanilla...and nut butter (I'm still finishing off my pb) shhhh :/

I took our laptop to a two different places and have been told it would be about $300 to fix. Well, we just got done spending more than that a few months ago on the dumb thing, so I am not about to shell out more money on that. We will just get a new one- but I have no idea when. Stink! Anyone have a computer for sale?? :)

I was told that I can have 2 fruits a week if I really need them. 2/week??? Are you kidding me? I had a mashed up banana on Sunday on top of a nasty plain protein pancake which made it TONS better- it tasted so sweet, but it's a cruelty to know I can't have another for several days. Oh yes, and I have tried STEVIA drops that I picked up at Kroger but so far, they haven't overly impressed me. I think it takes quite a few drops to make something even slightly sweet. I tried them in tea=yeck, and then in oatmeal- maybe ok.

I think I have 19 more days of this- then I'm not sure what I can add back in. Fruit? Sweet potato? CHEESE!??? pleaaaaaaase??? :(

Happy Tuesday Folks~ I've been reading your blogs but most of them just make me hungry for foods I can't have :<

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