I know it's been a while since my last post...I've been dealing with some health issues and am actually going to another doctor today. I am hoping to find some answers I need so keep me in your prayers if you think about it :)

Man, yesterday's drive to work was about the dreariest, most depressing drive ever! It was rainy, dark, and cold and today was a repeat of that. When did Winter decide to rear its ugly head again!? But I know we need the rain. . .

Ryan and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary on Tuesday the 10th. :-) We had an incredible dinner at a -new to us- restaraunt- I hope to post about it soon!

And my B-day is a week from tomorrow! Big 26 :> I have plans to spend the day (off from work-yay!) with my BFF at the mall maybe? Eat somewhere nice? Movie!? I'm looking forward to it.

Ok, gotta run. Hopefully be back with pictures soon.

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