Hungry Hippo Tuesday

Yes, I realize that's not very flattering to myself. But I have been sooo hungry today. It was like after lunch, I just couldn't stop snacking! I think it's because my lunch was not very substantial...have to work on that. Anyways, lunch today was leftovers from last night. And speaking of last night, I wasted 3 hours of my life. The Bachelor was maddening, infuriating, ridiulous, and sad. Yes, I'm still going to watch the second "After The Rose" ceremony tonight, but only because it would be stupid not to. I've come so far...I've got to see the end.

Dinner was stir-fry!!! I had seen this on someone's blog yesterday and decided I would make it last night for a "Meatless in March" dinner. It was pretty simple and quite DELISH. These were the 3 main components:
I threw a sugar snap pea veggie mix plus some extra broccoli and spinach into the skillet while I also cooked up some brown rice. Once those were ready, I tossed 3 eggs into an empty skillet and beat those around until they started to scramble, then added the veggies and rice--no amounts, just eyeballed it. Salt, pepper, and garlic salt contributed their tastiness and I topped my portion with some shredded cheese. This was so good and I'm already wondering what else I can add the incredible, edible egg to!
When I got home from work today, I found THIS in the mailbox! I was pumped and being the h.h. I self-claimed myself to be, I tore into these bad boys. My sensible side said, "save these for dinner dessert" but my taste buds said "polish these off!" They were delish! I'm not a huge rice cake fan but these little cuties were a super yum snack with their swirls of chocolate melting in my mouth. Since I've got a coupon, I imagine these "mini-delights" will be climbing into my shopping basket soon. :-)

I haven't done my YOGA CHALLENGE DAY #3 yet but I plan on doing it before bed- perhaps some lunar yoga.

Oh, and I almost forgot!!! Mom on the Run is having a giveaway! 3 "Raw Revolution" bars- including a "chocolate cashew" flavor! I hope I win :> :> :>

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