V-Day Cookies- Priority Mail!

I got a text a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day from my friend Krystal: "I want heart cookies for Valentine's Day." :) So I obliged! This was only my second time to make cut-out cookies, with the whole rolling out the dough thing and all...these were the first time.

It was a lot of fun! But I guess I didn't remember how long the whole process takes. The mixing, the cooking, the prying off of the delicate shapes and transfer to the cookie sheet without messing them up!, the cooling, the decorating, the storing!
These are the cookie cutters I used: heart, teddy bear, "x" and "o" Gotta love the Dollar Tree!
The heart's got a little "blobby" but once they were frosted, you couldn't tell! Once I used up my sugar cookie dough, I made an I "HEART" U for my hubby :) I could tell he was deeply touched.
I started decorating and got increasingly more dramatic with my sprinkles/frosting as I went! The white frosting dried nicely but the glitter gel colors stayed kinda gooey and frustrated my greatly when I tried to pack cookies into the box : I was :) happy :) to send my friend a V-day surprise (even though she knew it was coming) but I was a tiiiiired girl once I was done. So tired that instead of making a real dinner I plopped on the couch with this and watched my fave Sunday night show: "Extreme Home Makeover!"Happy Valentine's Day!

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