pink yoga and love cakes!

I'm behind here, but bear with me.
Valentine's Day was super! Ryan told me to stay in bed on Saturday morning and not to come in the livingroom until he was ready. Finnnnnaly, (I think he had to write in the card) :> I walked out of the bedroom and saw this little set up:

He bought me a pink yoga mat! I LOVE it and has made my livingroom yoga so much better- and more fun! I think the light pink hearts on it are so cute- and how fitting for V-Day!? The little puppy is something he got me last year and pulled out of the closet to put with this year's gift. I thought that was a sweet touch :) The card was perfect too- he did great!

I got Ryan some lounge sweat-pant type shorts that he liked and a frame of us for his cube at work. He was a sport and let me take a morning pic of him.
Ryan had to go to work sadly, but I whipped us up a special breakfast first. I decided to make eggs and Kath's whole wheat yogurt pancakes. They were delish and we ate them along with scrambled eggs. I got Ryan's plate all ready for him and he wolfed them down quick.
I took some more time making mine and sat down to a lovely plate of love cakes :> I ate them with smart balance, natural peanut butter, and some agave. SO GOOD. The pancakes were light and fluffy and I will definitely make them again!
It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad I had Ryan to share it with. He is the love of my life!!

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