Couples Shower

Saturday night we went to our good friends, Brian and Amanda's, couples shower! Ryan had never been to a shower so it was a first for him. We had fun! We played a game where everyone clipped a clothespin to their shirt...whoever caught someone else saying the word, "wedding," got to steal their clothespin and add it to their own. Amanda's sister-in-law Kate won!

Brian and Amanda got a lot of neat stuff that they can put to good use as married folk. Amanda got quite a few kitchen items so I think after April 4th, she should start posting some meals :-)

They had some delicious food at the shower- none of which I photo-ed. (i know that's not a real word) fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, mini egg-rolls, bacon wrapped chicken and water chessnuts, ham sandwiches, and cupcakes!- red velvet and vanilla coconut.

We can't wait to attend our friends' wedding and celebrate with them as they begin their new lives together!

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