Birthday Boy

Ryan turned 27! His birthday was last Thursday and I wanted to make it special. I have always wanted to do a candle-lit dinner for him, especially since our dinners usually take place on the couch in front of the tv. He knew I was up to something, and that it involved food, but he was still very surprised when he got home. My menu consisted of:
  • baked pizza spaghetti

  • tossed salad with carrots, tomato, onion, avacado, pecans, and cheese

  • whole wheat french bread

  • strawberry shortcake (which I ended up not making- we were too full and I was too tired!)

I set the table up with some candles we had around the house. They didn't all exactly go together but with the lights off, they produced the desired effect- romantic dining for 2! It was so nice to be able to just sit down and eat together and...play footsies under the table. Ha ha. I even bought us some flavored water to drink from our wine glasses, instead of plain H2O, our staple beverage. Here are some highlights of the night!

Edible Arrangements!!!

I decided I wanted to have something delivered to Ryan at work for his b-day. The women at work recommended Edible Arrangements so that's what I did. I looked up their bouquets online and decided to order a box of 6 strawberries and 6 apples, each dipped in chocolate. I had tasted their fruit before and knew it would be delish! Ryan liked it a lot and brought home the leftovers. Oh man, that stuff is goooood and worth every penny! I think I like the apples the best but I did cut up half a strawberry for my Saturday morning oatmeal (didn't take a pic though.) Strawberry-Chocolate oatmeal...I'll just let you imagine it :)

Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope it was wonderful :)

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