2 of my faves

I like these two bars!

Quaker "True Delights" Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut

Larabar- Peanut Butter Cookie

The Quaker bar is so yummy and is absolutely delicious crumbled over a steaming bowl of oats. I haven't tried their other chocolate/raspberry flavor but this one gets a thumbs up! I just loved the overall texture and combined flavors- the pieces of macadamia nut are great. When my mom used to buy us 3 for a $1 cookies at Subway, I always liked to get the macadamia nut one! This quaker bar though is a better choice :)

Larabars. I've tried several but only liked a few. Okay, maybe 1. I can eat the apple pie bar but the others just seemed to be too date-y. This was all until I tried the peanut butter cookie larabar. It tastes just like it sounds! It is so good and I think I could eat one every day. Being the peanut butter fanatic that I am, I was doubtful the first time I tried it. Would it really taste anything like peanut butter, much less a cookie?? Yes. It does. And it's goooooood. The only ingredients in this all-natural bar are: dates, peanuts, and salt. I have had a hard time finding them though in stores- I got mine at CVS a while back on sale! I'm not sure if these are being recalled- maybe so.

Other bars I like? Both the chewy and crunchy kashi bars, cliff bars, and Odwalla bars are all tasty options that don't have any artificial sweeteners or nasty tasting added protein.

So there ya go. Hungry? Grab a bar! They're a good choice for a healthy snack :>

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