weekend wrap-up

No, mine's not as good as Big Al's on Monday mornings :>

This weekend was both relaxing and productive. Friday night was date night and we had a lot of fun! We ate at Flying Fish and then saw a movie at Firewheel.
Before our movie though we had a few minutes to pop into Express-where I got a super cute black pencil skirt-on clearance! Yay! I love a bargain. And I have been wanting a skirt like that. When we walked into our movie theatre though, it was packed! Luckily an older couple scooted down so we could sit on their row. We actually got great seats on the top row instead of having to sit at the bottom-which I refuse to do. How can you enjoy a movie that way?

Saturday morning I scrambled us up some eggs before we headed to the gym. I bought these new "natural" eggs that are supposed to be free of hormones and stuff- and I really do think they taste better! They look brighter yellow to me too.
We did our usual house cleaning after the gym and decided to tackle our back bedroom to clear a bunch of stuff out that has been back there for a while. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be and it looks sooo much better. Helping Hands and Half Price Books are getting our give-aways!

Later in the afternoon and after a shower, I decided to head to Rockwall for some browsing/shopping :) I intended to visit JC Penney and Khols but spent about 2 hours just at Khols! Ryan couldn't believe it. But guys really have no clue how long it takes to a. find something you like b. see if it fits c. check the price d. and maybe find somethine else to go with it! But I was in luck. I got 3 new tops that are really cute and THREE pairs of heels- on clearance!! I couldn't believe my luck. I got all 3 pairs for less than the regular price that one would have been!
When I got home I decided I wanted to make waffles in the George Foreman with some whole wheat Aunt Jemima waffle mix I'd picked up. Um, d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r. I couldn't figure out how much to pour into the waffle tray which resulted in waffle mess! I finally did it right though and was able to make 1 respectable looking waffle which I topped with a tad of smart balance, natty pb, and some honey. Yummers! (before/after) :)

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