a case of the Thursdays...

No pics here...oh well. I think I have a case of the Thursdays. I'm just blah. Not really sure why. I think too much and I know that's part of my problem but I can't help it~it's just wired into me to over-analyze everything to death. I think that's why I like going to the movies so much. It may sound weird but being able to sit in a theatre, block everything out, and really allow myself to just relax and enjoy something funny, sad, or romantic, is nice. Because I can't (or at least it's harder to) THINK and actively watch something at the same time. I can turn my brain off for an hour and a half.

I know- how much could I possibly have to think about??

the future. the past. my family. my siblings. i can't spend enough time with them. i'm missing them grow up! my job. am i doing it well enough? is it what i'm called to do? forever? is there a way i can incorporate what i love (health/fitness) into a career? without going back to school? my marriage. almost 2 years! my relationship with God. am i making it a priority? am i willing to accept whatever He has for me? goals. dreams. aspirations. longings.

That's why I like--need--to stay busy. It's better for me. And I'm wondering if I should keep up the blog. I wish I could post 3 times a day with meals, workouts, healthy tips, etc! But I can't. I love reading others' but it's nice to have a following too. Hmm.

Well, that's enough of that :> I'm looking forward to getting home, tidying up and doing some yoga/stretching. Hopefully that will pull me out of this.

~Karen just told us that a neighbor 3 houses down from her died of the flu last night. He was 37- married-I don't know if there were children. Puts things into perspective huh.

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