Krystal Comes to Texas...and Go Broncos!

Krystal and I became friends at HPU as freshman. She quickly became one of my bestest buds (not because she had a car and I didn't though) :) She was so great and happily drove me to and from school- and told me I packed way too much stuff for a short trip home. *I'm still a major overpacker* We would go to Sonic for m&m blasts and rollerblade around campus at night- trying not to get hit by jacket golf players! Sadly, a golf ball grazed Krystal's ear one night and she's never been the same since. ha. But her hearing was off for a while I think!

Krystal lives in Indiana now but came home to Texas for a Christmas visit. I used my new Tom-Tom gps to find her aunt and uncles house and we then proceeded to drive around for a good hour looking for a restaurant. It was rediculous. We finally landed at Texas Roadhouse where I had an amazinly yummy baked sweet potato---it's amazing what a glop of sweet cinnamon butter does to a potato :> After that, we went back to her aunt's, sipped some tea, and gave each other new books for Christmas. I'm exiting to read mine

The next night, Ryan and I headed over to the Iveys to see Granny Jan and then watch the last (sadly) Broncos game of this season. I wore my new Bronco's vintage T that Luke got me and he and Ryan were in the spirit too- we were all decked out!

The boys were pretty disappointed in the game...especially when Coach Shanahan got fired 2 days later :< Ryan was glued to the computer watching press releases for forever. He's a loyal fan!

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