Dec. 25 (part 2)

Out next stop on Christmas Day was in Grand Prairie at my mom's parent's house. We ate lunch, including my quickly-becoming-famous-fruit-salad-that-i-stole-from-ryan's-aunt-jill :) and opened gifts in the livingroom. Ryan and I got new 2 new really nice skillets with lids!...that we desperately needed. They are so great to cook in and the clean-up is a cinch. I didn't take many pictures there but here are a few:

I didn't snap a picture but here's the fruit salad recipe: I can't remember the exact number of each fruit I used so these are approximations you can tweak as you desire :>

3 bananas, sliced into rounds
3 apples, chopped
1 carton of fresh strawberries, sliced/chopped
1 or 2 peaches, if you want
2 containers of yoplait key lime yogurt
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
couple of half-handfuls of craisins (as little or as much as you want)
* mix all together and eat! it really is so good and both sides of the family enjoyed it. :) yummers!

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