Healthy Eats

I thought I would do a little collage of some foods I've eaten lately. I apologize for my picture quality...one day I'll get a fancy, nice, new camera! ;)

The first pic is some Agave Nectar I've been wanting try. I finally bought some at Whole Foods and I really like it. I need to try it in more things though; so far it's only been used in tea and on a banana slice. Pic #2- another thing I've been wanting to try: almond butter! I picked up a "Justin's" sample at WF and tried it out with a banana for a pre-workout snack. It was definitely different- grainy? almondy? obviously! I think I need to have more to discover my true feelings for it :> Next we have stonyfield vanilla yogurt with blueberries, sliced banana, and flax. It reminded me of my grandmother's blueberry banana cream pie- except a lot healthier!

Picture #4 is guacamole and baked chips! (I know it looks messy :/) But believe me, it tasted great! Ryan taught me how to make guac: couple of avacados- smushed up, chopped purple onion, and diced roma tomato. Then add lots of salt and pepper, maybe some garlic salt. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. And last but not least, HOBO SOUP. Another Ryan recipe! This last time we made it was the best. Our ingredients: 1 lb. ground turkey meat, 1 can of Ranch Style beans, 1 can of corn (drained- but we dumped some frozen in instead), and some diced roma tomatoes. Pour everything into a skillet and let simmer. It's goooooood.

I've also been making quite a few of these: variations of Tina's Oatmeal Raisin Bars

I decided to do half with raisins and half with butterscotch chips! They taste like those oatmeal scottchie cookies- but in thick bar form. Ryan and I have been eating them up like crazy and today I took 2 batches of the oatmeal raisin kind to work for my co-workers to enjoy after our annual health screen. I love this recipe!

I was so excited to watch The Office tonight but just found out that it's a re-run. Bummer :(

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