CHRISTmas Eve!

Wow, Christmas was wonderful. It was busy, with lots of stops, but so fun to spend time with family and and eat lots of good food! Seriously, I think I had green bean casserole at 3 consecutive meals...or 3 in 1 day. Anyways, a lot. Good thing I like it!

Christmas Eve started with my family coming over to our house for presents and an appetizer! I used Colleen's idea and topped Triscuits with squares of Colby Jack Cheese and 1 Turkey Pepperoni- then broiled them for 2 minutes. They were really good; we ate all of them! It was fun to have just the Fields over and hang out for a bit before we headed over to Kandi's for the annual Christmas Eve Fields extravaganza :)

We all look forward to Christmas Eve on my dad's side. There are TONS of people, lots of yummy food, and presents, presents, presents! My grandparents buy for everyone and then we do a big white elephant gift exchange for the adults. This is the best part- people bring good/funny/and or stupid gifts and we all have a great time. I think Keith took home the gold this year- literally.

Someone stuck these plasticky gold women's tights in the gift exchange and Keith ended up with them! Hilarious :> and he felt the need to model them for us. I have a lot more pictures from Christmas Eve but since I'm behind on posting...go to facebook if you want to see them :)

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