blonde, blue-eyed boys

Are these not the cutest kids!? Ryan's friend Dustin came with his two boys to hang out at our house for a while and see Ryan and Luke. They've known each other for a long time and enjoyed being able to catch up. His sons, Marshall (3) and Tristan (1 1/2) were so fun to have over. They were shy at first but then warmed up to us, showing us their "Cars" stickers, backpack, and then eating pizza we ordered. Tristan was hilarious because his head barely rose above the table top!...I thought about getting a phonebook for him to sit on.

The funniest part was how they entertained themselves for a good 45 minutes by standing on our -oh so high- fireplace step, and jumping off. After dramatically counting to 3 of course :> It was fun to have kids over for a change and I'm glad Ryan and his buddy got to talk.

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