Lindy and LaMadeline!

Ok, I want to start by saying, I am so WHITE! Good grief, can I get any paler!? Ye. Oh well :> This is me and my BFF Lindy. She turns 25 on Friday! And...she's leaving to go skiing tomorrow so we wanted to get together before then. We met at LaMadeline's and ate a tasty meal of ceasar salad, tomato (bisque?) soup (their's is the BEST,) and half a sandwich. Yum! We also exchanged Christmas gifts and I gave Lindy her b-day present. I remember a few years back, I tried to give Lindy one gift- combined- for both Christmas and b-day...yeah, I soon learned that she loves getting 2 separate gifts :) I don't blame her! It was kinda funny- we both gave each other a shirt, scarf, and earrings! Lindy HAND MADE mine though. It is purple- sooo cute; I love it. Also included in my gift were some goodies she made.

Some biscotti and the BEST THINGS I'VE TASTED YET THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: peanut butter, sandwiched between ritz crackers, dipped in white almond bark, and covered in crushed peppermint! oh. my. gosh. so. stinkin. yum!

I couldn't get great pics of these :/ but believe me, they're GOOD.

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