peanut butter overload

Is tomorrow already Monday? sheeeeesh. I want more weekend! Today after church I came home and crashed. I laid on the couch with the computer and my heated blanket (the 2nd love of my live) and pretty much didn't leave that spot for most of the day. Luke came over and he and Ryan watched the Broncos game- they won! I got in a nap too which was nice. I've been watching Extreme Home Makeover which has become my Sunday night tradition...I absolutely love the homes they create for people and the way they give back to much-deserving families. I even cried last week at the end!

When I did drag my butt off the couch tonight I decided to make a peanut butter recipe I've been eyeing for a few days: this delectable looking cake The changes I made were to use peanut butter chips instead of chocolate and to leave out the cocoa in the glaze icing. I'm embarrased that you can see my butter knife test marks in the pics I took...I was out of toothpics though! I can't wait to try it. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER.

Little did I know that my husband would be bringing home a honking slab of italian cream cake from his parents. Like we need that in the house! :> He just informed me that once my pb cake was ready, he would help himself to a slice of each. That boy. I love him and am so happy to be married to him :)

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