Catch me if you can!

I must get inspired on Sunday nights. Tonight I decided to do something I've never done before- make gingerbread men! I had gotten a set of 4 Christmas cookie cutters last year from my aunt Karen at our Christmas Eve gift exchange and decided tonight would mark their big debut. My choices: a tree, stocking, star, and of course, our main man: mr. ginger himself. Sorry, it's getting late---nearly 10:00! :>

I had bought a gingerbread mix at the store earlier this week and then tonight picked up a wooden rolling pin (didn't have one) and a 4-pack of cookie frosting. So after a quick post-grocery shopping bean burrito, I set up my g-man cooking space.

After laying out some wax paper and dusting a little flour on, I called Ryan in to help hold the paper down while I rolled the dough out. Let me tell you, I could never be a pastry chef. My dough rolling skills are lacking but I improved significantly as the night went on.

The most difficult part of the process by far was getting the little suckers, once I had cut them, from the paper to the pan- while still retaining their humanesque like qualities...(the first few appeared slightly mutated and so became do-overs. ;)

(try not to notice my old and aging cookie pans)

Once they had all baked for the perfect amount of time which I quickly determined to be 6.5 minutes I set them all up on the kitchen table to get dressed. Here they are naked :--)

They took a while picking out which outfit to wear but we finally got them all ready to go. I had to stop decorating with red half way through to ensure they would all get a SMILE but then I had some at the end and got to add some red buttons. Once cool, all my g-men went into a nice paper-towel lined bed for the night. Off to work they go tomorrow! I did make Ryan a thin crispy tree with the last little bit of dough but the rest made 29 cookies! Overall it was a success although when I thought the dough was not cooperating, I was close to admitting defeat. I told Ryan this may have to become a tradition :>

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