Back among the living

Ahhh, I am finnnnnally feeling a little better today. Good grief, it's about time. I've pretty much been sick all week and had to leave work early twice. But I think I've turned a corner and hopefully I'll be at 100% by Monday!

It was nice having a slower week at work because I got to catch up on some stuff. But I know these next two weeks are going to be MEGA BUSY. December is just a busy month all around right? Today for lunch, I drove up to Kroger to pick up some edibles. I got a lean cuisine panini sandwhich that had chicken, cheese, green and red pepper, and olives- yum! I also got two new items:

Some "Pumpkin Gingerlies" and some "Ranch Potato Bakes." The potato bakes were not as good as I was hoping for- the ranch flavoring was pretty fake tasting and they didn't have that satisfying crunch you get with chips, but I think I will probably finish them :) The pumpkin ginger cookies were super good. They reminded me of a ginger snap and were small but thick- a little cruncy/a little chewy. DEFINITELY will finish those.

When I got home, I found this in the mail (wrapped up of course)

A sample of Hearts & Minds peanut butter!!! It says it contains "Heart-healthy olive oil...100 mg Omega-3 EPA/DHA. I can't wait to try it- probably for breakfast.

Ryan is bringing home Pei-Wei :> Lettuce wraps for me and I'm guessing blazing noodles for him. It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!

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