m o n d a y

Back to the grind today...it was actually kind-of a nice day. Several people were out of the office which made it abnormally quiet. I also felt like I could breathe today- not a lot of deadlines- and I got the chance to catch up on some stuff. I'm not done, but I felt good about what I accomplished.

On the down side, I think Ryan and I may be getting sick. We both have sore throats and just have that run down feeling that ususally means it's going to get worse. I hope we can avoid it!

Tonights dinner was george foreman grilled chicken, microwaved sweet potato, and garlicky vegetables with cheese on top. It was good :) I attempted to top the chicken with salsa and garlic before grilling, but most of it just stuck to the top of the grill :/

I snapped a picture of Jayne today and sent it to Haley. She had the most ADORABLE pink crocheted hat on that someone had made her. It was like twice as high as her head! She is so cute.

I think I might have fever :(

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