Yay for a new look!

Ok, so I figured out how to add a new background to my blog and I think it looks so much better! No, this wasn't on my to-do list I made this morning, but that's ok :) It needed to be done! Also, and I feel (extremely) dumb for even admitting this, but my camera is now working. Umm...apparently all it needed was brand name batteries. Who knew dollar tree's wouldn't suffice??? Not me--- could have been using it the whole time. Sheesh.

Yesterday I knew I didn't want to sit on the couch all day so I headed up to Target for Christmas cards, camera- which turned into camera batteries, and a huge 30 gallon green and red rubbermaid container to hold all our Christmas decor. I really like the cards; I got two different designs and already started addressing them. Well THAT got me into the Christmas mood so I thought I would go ahead and set some of our stuff out in the living room instead of packing it all away for a week. It looks good!...even though we don't have a lot. The stockings are so pretty and my favorite thing is Ryan's tree that changes colors! (Ok, I've got "My Best Friend's Wedding" on in the background and right now they are all sitting around the table singing, "I say a little prayer for you..." hilarious.)

This morning I made some an apple crisp type thing which was more apples than crisp, but it was pretty good. I added to it some milk, warmed it up, and then tossed some Puffin's cereal on top. A different combination but I enjoyed it.

Well, I'm tempted to just crash on the couch and watch the rest of this movie...so I probably will. :)

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