Rise and Shine

It's rediculous. I have been waking up at 4:45 every morning now for like the past week. I can't go back to sleep, and I just lay there thinking about things. I think it is a combinantion of reasons: my dad going back in the hospital, my own surgery, and work craziness. Luckily, two of those things are over-sorta. My dad should get to go back home pretty soon (maybe today!) and I had my surgery yesterday morning. It went well and they took great care of me. I felt fine yesterday but am a little sore today-I'm going to just try to rest this weekend and pretty much do nothing-and yes, it is 5:55 am. Guess who woke up early again? :/

I was sad because I had to miss the girls lunch with Haley yesterday! Bummer. I was so looking forward to seeing her. And side note- there is NOTHING on tv this early. I have the OC on right now in the background...

Ryan and I are leaving Wednesday morning for Branson so hopefully I am feeling up to par for that trip. I hope it's a fun and relaxing trip, but I have a lot to do at work on Mon and Tue, starting with the 106 e-mails in my inbox! ye. I wish I could go through those at home.

Well, this post has been pretty boring :> but I figured it had been a while. I am hoping to get a new camera before we leave for Branson which will mean pictures again on here! I also need someone to help me with my layout--- I need to snazz things up.

Oh, and does anyone know where I could buy challah bread? I wanted to make Tina's French Toast Souffle.

Gracias and Good Morning!

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