Change is in the wind...

It's very over-cast/gray/windy outside my window. Well, now the sun just came out-so scratch that. Anyways, but there is change coming. Not one I expected but definitely not life-altering. Just a challenge to learn new things and new responsibilities. But, I hope to face it head on and welcome the change ! Still, stepping out from where we are comfortable is hard sometimes...

I definitely stepped out to teach 7th graders at church :> I don't always feel capable or that I have profound things to say but I hope that I am making a difference and I am getting to know and love the girls in my class!

My workouts have been changing I guess-I have been getting up early and heading to LA Fitness before work. I've been realy proud of myself because when that 5:45 alarm goes off, it is soooo tempting to go back to sleep. Once I'm there though, it's (usually) :> all good! I am sore from getting back into lifting, which I like, and this morning I even scored a free work-out log book!

Ok- we're back to overcast skies now. It's hump day!

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