Dates X 3

I am rediculous.

Anyways, Last night I decided to make a muffin recipe out of my new garage-sale cookbook..."Apple Date Muffins" is what I had all the ingredients for. I had the rest of a package of dates waiting patiently in the fridge to make their debut. Those little boogers are hard to chop!---so I let them adjust to room temperature for a bit. They went into a bowl with CHOPPED apple because I a. am not sure how to grate an apple and b. don't own an apple grater :0 ? also, some ww flour, oats, egg, rice milk, baking soda, salt, cinnamon?, honey and I think that's it. They turned out really well! and if I had a working camera, I'd have snapped a shot. Ryan liked em too which is always the litmus test (I like saying that) of whether or not my "healthier" baking adventures have been a success.

Then this morning, I made oatmeal extraordinaire with oats, 1/4 of an apple-chopped, 4 slices of banana, raisins, dates, cinnamon, brown sugar, and hot water from our work kitchen coffee maker. It was really good! I really didn't even miss the milk.

Now while I don't think I would just gobble up a handful of dates on their own, I found the addition of them to the aforementioned foods, quite scrumptious.

Where is the 3rd date?!...I know you are wondering. TONIGHT! I have a date every Thursday night now with THE OFFICE. I look forward to it so much and if Ryan is lucky, I will let him sit with me on the small sofa to watch :)

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