I love Lindy. She and I have been best friends ever since she moved to Ovilla. We still remember the Sunday we met...at ORBC...in the old nursery, our mom's were introducing us. I think it was Summer? and I was going into 8th grade, she was going into 7th. What dorks! :> The first time we hung out, I invited her over to our house in Lancaster and we watched "Emma." I clearly did not know the girl since I made her endure such a total chick-flick. But the rest was history!

We've gone through a lot together, from high school cross country meets and varsity basketball games, to HPU intramurals and crying about jackets in the hall of Veda, while knocked out on Nyquill. We spent the night at each others house countless times, watched "Arsenic and Old Lace" annually, and always talked about the future and what it might hold.

We rode on a motorcycle for the first time together (stupid, stupid), got our cartilage pierced at the same time (a brave feat at the time), and drove 17? hours to Indiana one summer so that I wouldn't get lost by myself :) And, of course when I got married, I wouldn't have anyone else standing right next to me, but her.

It amazes me that God has given me such a wonderful friendship with her. There are only certain people that you can sit and talk to for hours. (4 at Cafe Express to be exact :) Even when there's nothing left to say, to be able to sit with someone in silence and just be is such a gift. Lindy is a truly beautiful person inside and out and I pray that our friendship only deepens over the years.

BFF forever! :-)

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