365 days...

I have been at GMR for 1 year today!! I can't believe it's gone by so fast. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday...sitting at Haley's desk while she trained me...trying not to yawn. :> Those were long days of observing but I feel like I have really come a long way! I enjoy working here so much and I could not ask for a better work environment or more incredible people to work with.

Shout out to Haley for starting me on the road to success- I miss you!!!

Today we are having an "ice cream social" meeting with all of the field guys, so building #5 is going to be a bit crowded. And it's Wednesday, so we're half way through the week!

I'm not nearly as hyper or excited as this post is making me out to be . . .

Ryan had to go to Tulsa today for work so I'm sure tonight will be a fun filled evening of no politics watching :> and I'm contemplating going to the gym. But I didn't bring my stuff so I'd have to run home first..may just do a livingroom workout.

It appears that my bout of severe neck/shoulder pain is over perhaps thanks to the FREE MASSAGE I got yesterday. Lana was so nice to give me a gift card for a free massage after I told her about the ginormous knot in my shoulder/back. Last night hurt so bad but today has been 10x better. Thank you Lord!

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I think I want to go darker, but haven't decided whether to do it all darker or just add lowlights and highlights. I don't want it reddish like it was last Fall. I love hair appointments!

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