Crazy times

My post titles are pretty pathetic.

Nonetheless, (is that one word?) I have been pretty busy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, 3 of Ryan's cousins decided to get married within about 4 weeks :> which has translated into 3 showers, 1?2? rehearsal dinners, and 3 weddings. 1 down, 2 to go! I am also teaching my 7th grade class at church, and doing a women's Bible study-that I am so excited about- on Monday nights.

THE OFFICE PREMIERES TOMORROW NIGHT! I am so so excited about it and Bethany and I have been reminiscing over past episodes in an effort to properly prepare for Thursday nights this Fall. I freakin love that show and can't wait to see what happens with Jim and Pam, Michael, Holly: the new Toby, and pregnant Jan... :>

I ordered a new phone online last night and am wondering how long it will take to arrive...it's a pink Sony Ericcson walk-man phone and I hope I like it. It even has a pedometer feature! Ryan got a new one too after dropping it in a glass of water... :/ ye. He wasn't too happy about that, but he needed a new one anyways.

Last night I made Tina's cocoa-oatmeal bars last night and Ryan loved em! Today he said, "Those bars are the best things you've made yet!" :) I tried one at work today and they ARE delish.

Oh, and I know you are all dying from the suspense...but I did indeed get my bedroom furniture and I am thoroughly enjoying my KING SIZE bed. Wonderful!

Set your alarms now: Thursday night at 7:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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