Out with the old...

I'm getting new bedroom furniture tomorrow!--well semi-new, but very new to me! I am so stinkin excited about it and how much better our room is going to look! Since we got married, (almost a year and a half ago!) we've had mis-matched stuff in there, from various places. It got the job done, but after tomorrow, it will look 1 million times better.

Ryan's parents decided they wanted new stuff so they are generously selling us their old furniture which is in great condition and all matches :) We're getting a KING SIZE BED---woo hoo!---which will sadly take the place of our 'barely fits two people' double bed, a dresser, two night stands, and a tv hutch/cabinet type thing. With the bigger bed of course, came the need for new bedding, so I searched far and wide (Rockwall) and online, and decided on this one I can't wait to get it all set up tomorrow! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news? We have a busy, busy Fall ahead. Fields football games, teaching 7th grade Sunday school, THREE Ivey side weddings within about 4 weeks, wedding showers, Women's Mentoring Ministry, painting our master bathroom. Yeah, a lot. But fun stuff.

I wish, wish, wish that my camera wasn't broken. It's so much more interesting with photos. But the odds of getting a new one anytime soon are slim :( oh well.

3 more hours of work and then it's off to Ulta :-)

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