I think I got that word from my dad maybe? Off King of Queens? A seriously hilarious show that I love to watch when I get off work. Like the other day Doug is in the kitchen when Carrie comes home from work: He says, "ok, I just put 8 fish-sticks in the microwave and I'm gonna need to know, realistically, how many you think you might want." :) It's hilarious, trust me. Work- longer today because I am helping out another department for a couple of weeks on top of my normal stuff. this month is going to be pretty busy for me. . . and, I am coming up on my one year anniversary there!

The weekend was a bit of a letdown because we weren't able to get the bed from Ryan's parents- I was so ready for it!- but I PROMISE we will have it by Saturday. Uh, at least I hope. Right now the humungous mattress and box springs are just waiting...looming over each side of our t i n y bed, and it looks weird.

I've been snacky lately...just wanting to eat. Chips, popcorn, chocolate covered raisns (thanks Karen) :> Oh well. I think food preferences/cravings change and even though most of our diet needs to consist of whole, natural foods, it's ok to eat the things you crave in moderation. Life is too short to limit your diet to grilled chicken and broccoli! Also, I think our food choices can even out over time. You had a burger and fries with the girls at lunch? Then have a salad with some lean protein for dinner with all the veggies you want. Look at your day overall and see what you might be missing.

One more thing. Not sure why, but before tonight, I didn't realize I could lay on my fouton AND be on the computer. I always sat up. It's the ultimate way to chilax. :)

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