Sore Saturday

I know, that's a dumb title.

I haven't posted in a while...but seriously, who reads this? And my camera is broken I'm pretty sure. I try to take a picture, or even turn the durn thing on (yes I said durn) and it blacks out and dies. Sadness. :< We cleaned our house today-even mopped! which it desperately needed. We came home from eating tonight and I said, "Ryan, our house smells clean." We ate at "Which Wich" for dinner, after I woke up from a semi-random nap that was oh so nice. I'm not a huge fan of non-whole wheat bread but every now and then it's ok. I got the chicken parmesan and Ryan got TWO sandwiches. Um, yeah, I was in no way surprised when his mom told me last night that at 6 weeks, Ryan started eating cereal because that boy loved to eat! :-0
We ate outside because for some reason, that eating establisment feels the need the crank their ac to a frigid level. Sometimes food tastes better outside. Oh yeah, I had sunchips too. The first bag was stale and I stood there debating...then went and asked the manager looking lady for another bag. I traded original for french onion= SUCCESS!

Ok, so I finnnalllly went back to yoga yesterday after work. Yesterday after saying goodbye to Haley :( and telling myself, 'you cannot sob all the way to yoga'... I will miss you Haley. GOODBYE MY LOVER!!!!!!!!!!! I did the "Earth" class and was expecting it to be really tough after not going in almost 3 weeks but I felt great! We did about a million "chattarangas" (push-ups) and then today I went back for the "Fire" class. OUCH! I am sore today- my back- my shoulders- It's a good soreness though I guess.

Ugly Betty is growing like a- weed? flower in the back yard. I planted her in one our post things that has soil in it. She is multiplying and now her sister looks better than her. ha. I'm such a dork.

Ok, so that's pretty much been today. One more day of weekend. . .

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