New Do/ Happy B-day Friday

Today I'm getting a "New Do"... I was trying to let it grow out a bit but I think the general consensus (the women I work with) is that a little shorter is nice. So- I was looking at pics last night on the internet and found one I liked. It's a choppy sort-of bob type thing- - - it looks cute on the Asian girl in the picture so maybe it'll work for mua. moa. me. (how do you spell that?)

Today is also Happy Birthday Friday. Colleen's b-day is tomorrow so we celebrated today with Haley's rainbow cake, gorgeous orange and purple flowers, and 'happy birthday' confetti. I got her a passion flower sachet that smells sooo good, I want to go back and get one for myself!

I made PB Boy's pb banana bread last night and took pics but will have to post later. I brought a slice for work today...

Happy (b-day) Friday!

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