Handy Man

I have a working dishwasher!! Hooray! My handyman/husband got to work on it last night AFTER moving his sister to her new apartment. (What a guy!) After just a little frustration and minimal water spurting, our black Fridgidaire was ready to go. It's a new model I guess. Instead of turning your hand over and clicking underneath to open it, it's got a handle on the outside that you use to pull. (does that make sense?) We did a trial run with a few dishes and no soap and it seemed to do great! The only problem now is figuring out what to do with that extra hour we'll now have from not having to hand wash everything... um, blogging!? :>

Yes, I want to be more consistent on here but with my camera still broken, it's hard to be inspired. I plan to take action on getting it fixed asap! I did cook last night, two different recipes. First, I made Tina's oatmeal raisin protein muffins They are great! I had one as a snack last night when I couldn't sleep with some sunbutter smeared on and two this morning, crumbled up, splashed with almond breeze, nuked for 1 minute, with a spoonful of peanut butter. Very, very good!

Next I made Nick's new pb recipe for slice and bake cookies. I actually made the dough and stuck it in the freezer, per the instructions. I swiped a taste of the dough first before I wrapped it up- yummo! I can't wait to try em tonight.

Today's lunch was a Flat-Out wrap with diced chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sliced almonds, and left-over sesame dressing (delish!) from a Wendy's salad I had last night. I cut the wrap in half and ate up while I worked :> Then I snacked on a Black Cherry Almond Clif bar, which I'm not too impressed with. I liked the walnut-raisin flavor better.

I am feeling great today despite not falling asleep until after midnight---due to a 3HOUR NAP yesterday. Someone was a little tired... :/ I tell myself I cannot sleep for that long on a Sunday afternoon!

Happy Monday :) I can't wait for 4:30 yoga!

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