16 Months...and other interesting tid-bits

Today marks 16 months that I have been married to my handsome man :) He is everything I ever wanted and more. I love you Ryan very much!!! ... my dad has given me a hard time when in the past, I may have updated him on our "monthly anniversaries." ...he says, "Am I going to keep getting these updates?" No, I didn't tell him today. There ya go dad, happy Thursday. Plus, he and my mother are in Branson, our home away from home.? Sadly.

Other news:

1) We got the internet fixed! Yay!!! It took me about an hour and a half that first night to catch up on facebook, my oxygen girls, etc...but now I'm back in the loop. Thank you VERIZON!

2) I got my 10-class wrist band in yoga! Allie presented it to me at the beginning of my tenth class. I was proud of myself and when I hit the 25 mark, I'll get a new color. Huray! Hoorah!

3) We had tenderloin steak last night for dinner at Kandi and Shaun's. Uh, yum. I'm not a huuuge steak fan but it was really good, plus baked potatoes and garlicky grean beans. We got to hang out and talk and watch Sam show us her newly learned game of hop-scotch. I played too. Then I asked her if she could do it with her eyes closed.

I've had lots of thoughts lately on food, diets, eating philosophies, etc. and hope to share them soon.

That's all!

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