Nightly Nosh

I think it's been a week since my last post and now of course, I have pictures to post but can't remember when I ate what! So... here's a look into the past week and some things Ryan and I chowed down on :) To the left is a typical dinner for us: grilled chicken cooked on none other than Mr. Foreman himself, black beans, whole grain chicken flavored rice, and salad with tomatoes, cheese, and balsamic dressing. Balanced, filling, and delicious too!

Next we have Ryan's nightly snack, a "thing." I have no idea why we started calling it that, but we did. There is rarely an evening that I don't hear him in the kitchen, rummaging around sometime after dinner..."What are you making?" "A thing." "Oh, ok." :) The "thing" consists of:

1 tortilla, 1 or 2 slices of ham or turkey, a couple of turkey pepperoni's, purple onion, cheese, and hot sauce.

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