Monday, Monday

Today I worked out at lunch so it was only 30 min but was pretty good.

7 min. walk
7 min. stairs (l 5-8) !
3 x 8 conv. deadlift- 45 lbs
2 sets single leg ext.
2 x 8 walking lunges with 5's (this is so embarrasing! but I have to go slow with my knee and see what it can tolerate)...just for the record, back in my Larry North days, I was using 25's!
3 min. elliptical

My days at 24 hour are quickly coming to an end and I'm either going to have to suck it up and work out in the morning or drive other there after work. I had a yum salad today with chicken, turkey pepperoni, cheese, olives, soy nuts, tomato, lettuce (duh) and what else...a little dressing :) Tonight I think is the "girls tell all" on The Bachelor...or is it the girls meeting his family? I can't remember. Tune in to find out! and make me feel less rediculous for watching

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