Long time no...blog

Several people lately have inspired me to start blogging again...Amanda, Haley's friend, ok, just two. But before I forget, today's workout:

10 min walk on treadmill
5 min elliptical
3 min on stair-master (l 3-5), I haven't done this one in months-stupid knee!- so I wanted to ease into it

3 sets assisted pull-ups- 85
3 sets fm chest press- 35-35-30
3 sets shoulder press -20-20-15
1 set bi curl-10s (i'm gettin lazy at this point)
3? sets tri push down- 60? I've got to start taking a notebook...


We're going to see Nicole's fiance get baptized tonight and then eating at the grandparents' in Plano. But now I have to clean :< boooo

I am still resolved to "get the sugar out." I do have a few things left in the pantry that contain that poisonous, evil white stuff so I may finish that off first. Not much though. I really want to do this!

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