New Look

This weekend has been nice so far. Last night we drove to McKinney and watched Klay and Kollins team win in overtime! It was so exciting that I had to stand up for the last 10 minutes and was about to charge the court at one point when mr. 31 for our opponent decided to trip Klay because he was mad they were losing. I didn't though.

Then we went over to mom and dads, ate cinnamon rolls, and watched Frank tv. It was actually pretty funny. He did Donald Trump and Bush the best.

This morning we finally drug our butts to the gym around 12:00 and then cleaned the house, which it desperately needed. We just got back from Rockwall. Ate at buffalo wild wings. We tell ourselves every time we eat there that we won't go back but we do. The food is just ok and the waitresses are rather dingy I think. Oh well...We watched the beginning of the Oklahoma-Missouri game. We also got a nativity scene at Kirklands that is so pretty! It was such a good price and it looks really good on our living room table. It won't be sitting on that table for long though because our new furniture should be coming soon! I can't wait. It's gonna look so good.

I've got to make something for our s.s. party tomorrow night. Would it be bad to just take my jar of dark chocolate peanut butter and 20 spoons? j/k. That stuff is amazing though.

That's all.

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