Date Night

Friday night = Date night! Last night we ate at the Flying Fish. I had a shrimp salad that was just ok...the shrimp was at least good! But I like my salads to have a lot of "stuff" in them. We ordered hush-puppies on the side, not knowing 2 came with my salad. Those things are so good!(um duh, fried batter) I only ate 2 and we virtuously decided to not bring home the 8 or so we had leftover. Then we went into Macy's because I remembered I had a gift card left over from last year, when we returned a wedding gift. And I needed some new shirts! Ryan was very patient while I tried on several and then insisted that he give me specific feedback on which ones he liked :) I ended up with these two:I really like them a lot! After that, we went by blockbuster and rented "Dan in Real Life." Then I ran into the gas station across the street and bought an A&W Root Beer so we could make root beer floats at home! Yummo! I hadn't had one of those in forever... We watched the movie and Ryan fell asleep. Typical :)

A great night!

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