Bad drivers- Good food!

So this morning as I headed to work on my normal route, I got to the part of my commute that has the potential to infuriate me to no end. I'm in the left hand lane, the right lane wants to get on the highway, and they form a long line to do so. So what do the people in my lane do? They think to themselves, "Whatever, I am so not waiting in that line...I'll just mosey on up and get as close as I can get in the LEFT lane, and then expect some kind-hearted soul (read: idiot) to let me over". This makes me sooo mad!!! Why shouldn't they have to wait? What makes them so much better than any other person who sits patiently waiting to turn right???

Thus what I now do: as I approach this tumultuous situation, I get my hand ready. Ready to honk. And let whatever dimwit that is making me come to a complete stop know what I think of his decision!

This morning: of course it happened. It usually does. This guy drives up as far as he can and stops. So I stop. And I lay on the horn. Maybe 3-5 seconds? Someone lets him over and I drive past. Ok, so I didn't turn to look at him but out of the corner of my eye I see him raise his arm, and well...you know the rest. I'm pretty sure he flipped me off.

As I headed to work now with a slightly raised heart rate, a little bit of "I feel bad" ness started to creep in, but it didn't last long. How will these people ever realize that what they're doing is stupid, rediculous, and moronic, unless I show them!!! By honking.

Ok, I'm done now :) But seriously, this situation bothers me and I don't think it's fair to all the civilized individuals who calmly wait their turn.


I made banana baked oatmeal Sunday night.

It was pretty good...very moist and I've had it for breakfast the past two mornings. (Unfortunately, all those complex carbs did nothing to dimish my road rage)

Then tonight, I made turkey taco meatloaf- from the my new HG cookbook. Yummo! Ryan said he liked it and I thought it was muy bueno!!! I'll try to post the recipe later but my fingers are getting longwinded here. Here are some loaf pics :)

I kind-of mashed it up a bit and we ate it with Ranch style beans and sour cream! Divine!

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