Baby Parade

So today was bring your baby to work day!

Kristin brought up 6 week old Audrey and and Anna. Audrey was napping and even with 3/4 of the company in the foyer, we couldn't wake her up. Anna was the center of attention- she is a doll! and we heard how she calls Chris "honey" because she hears Kristin do it. So cute!

Then John's wife brought their youngest up so off we go down the hall to see Cloey. Haley was in shock when she got back from lunch that John had a baby!

Last but not least, Nathan's wife brough Logan and...and...I can't remember her name but it's something pretty. Logan has awesome curly hair and his sister is adorable.

So needless to say, we got some good 'get up from you desk exercise'. It was fun! And I can't wait to see Jamie's baby!

The Office was kinda just ok tonight. One hour season finale next week- proposal anyone!??

I had a great 30 min workout:

8 min. elliptical
2x8 of lunges with 8s
3x8 deadlifts with 45
2x8 leg ext with 40, 1x8 single leg ext with 10
8 min. stairs (l 4-10)

My legs were all hobbely. hobbley. hobbelly? when I left the gym...a feeling I haven't had in months! Keep up the good work knee

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